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Award-winning Producer with vast experience working alongside some of the industry's best creative minds and technicians across the full spectrum of production. 

He has worked with the following directors: 1st Avenue Machine, Lance Accord, Adam Berg, Double Act, Derek Cianfrance, Joakim Elliasson, Filip Engstrom, Glue Society, Phil Griffin, Brent Harris, David Hartley, Brian Lee Hughes,
Nacho Gayan, Rory Kelleher, Nick Jones, Jones & Tino, Martin Krejci, Phil Lind,
Diego Luna, Peter Lydon, Kevin MacDonald, Johnny Maginn, Aoife McArdle, Keith McCarthy, Andy Morahan, Ne-o, Bona Palma, Psyop, Ian Ruschel, Ron Scalpello, Derin Seal, Floria Sigismondi, Nigel Simpkiss, Tomas Skoging, Ornette Spencely, Aaron Stoller, Stylewar, Ben Wee, Wilkins & Maguire, Justin Woon,Sue Worthy, Pipe Yabarra. 

For availability and full CV please contact Caroline or Jess @ Red Diary Service on 0208 960 7005 or feel free to give me a call directly 07976 431720.